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Keep Your Kit Clean

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It's vitally important to keep adult toys clean between uses, for obvious reasons. However, it may not always be easy to do so, or to know exactly how much cleaning is necessary. To make sure your toy collection is safe and pleasant to use, here are a few quick tips.

Non-Electronic Toys

If your toy has no electrical components, chances are that it can be cleaned under a hot tap with some soap. There are some exceptions; leather can be damaged by prolonged exposure to water, so harnesses and suchlike should be cleaned by wiping down only.


Naturally, waterproof toys are usually the easiest to clean. They can be cleaned with soap and hot water under a running tap to your satisfaction. However, take care to distinguish between toys that are waterproof, submersible and water resistant. If you're unsure, check your toy's manual or manufacturing information.


Many powered toys simply cannot be made waterproof, perhaps because they're mains-operated or require exposed moving parts. These can be a little more difficult to clean. Sometimes, the parts you need to clean are detachable; check the manual in case this applies. Otherwise, you should not expose the toy to running water at all. Instead, dampen a cloth, apply some soap, and then clean it manually.

Toy Wipes

Especially for non-waterproof toys of unusual shapes, specialised adult toy wipes can be extremely useful. They can help you to reach hard-to-clean places on your toys, and clean them just as well as running water would have. They can easily be stored in your bedside cabinet for quick access and convenience, and usually will not dampen your toys enough to require towelling off. They will air-dry. Finally, toy wipes are a great option to take when travelling, and many of them also serve a secondary purpose as personal wipes.


One of the key components of keeping your toy collection clean isn't about hygiene after you use them, but instead about careful storage. Toys can be very susceptible to gathering dust — especially if they are made of silicone, which is a very popular material for toys. As such, you can make things a lot easier on yourself by storing your toys inside a box, or a bag. Some people repurpose satin or velvet lingerie bags; a washbag could be another option.

In short, while keeping your toys clean is not the most fun part of owning them, it can at least be made as easy as possible. Ensure you're storing them correctly, and half the battle is already won. For more information, contact companies like Club X.